Cantonese Opera Sacrificing the Son

The popularity of traditional repertoire The Lotus Lantern is a legendary stage play which endures the test of time. The scene of Free the Son which portrays family love renders this legend full of human affection. This is a kind of affection which is not seen in other legends. Following large-scale Cantonese Opera performances such as Boiling the Sea, Life and Death, The Peach Blossom Fan and The Cosmic Mirror, “Elmond’s Workshop” shall expand the scene of Free the Son into a full length stage play of Sacrificing the Son, to explore in depth the grief and indignation of parents after Liu Yanchang and Wang Guiying gave away their own son, Qiuer, the choice they made in the face of righteousness, and the tests and pains they endure when they are facing their fragile humanity. This is a new rendering of a traditional title. Audience will find new elements that touch one’s heart in this familiar story.

Sacrificing the Son stars renowned Cantonese Opera artists, Yau Sing-po and Chan Ho-kau, together with Chan Ka-ming, Liu Kwok-sum, Lui Hung-kwong and young actors Hong Hai, Song Hongbo and Hong Wah to perform on stage. By collaborating in this performance, the veterans and young actors will join hands to pass on the legacy of the art of Cantonese Opera.

Cantonese Opera Sacrificing the Son
Sacrificing the Son is an adapted version of the famous Chinese legend Free the Son from The Lotus Lantern. In this new adaptation, Director Liu Xun and Playwright Yeung Chi-sum focus their attention on the pain and grief suffered by husband Liu Yanchang and wife Wang Guiying, who are forced to turn in their own son Qiuer to the prime minister after Chenxiang, Qiuer’s half-brother, killed the prime minister's wicked son in an act of justice. Liu is caught between his relationships with his celestial wife, the Goddess of Mount Hua now imprisoned for having married a human, and his mortal wife Wang Guiying who has helped raise Chenxiang, his son with the Goddess. Also, Liu has to make the painful decision of turning in which one of his two sons. His wife Wang faces the same dilemma of whether to sacrifice her own son Qiuer or to turn in Chenxiang whose mother, the Goddess, has once saved her life. Their situation provides a great dramatic opportunity for exploring the issues of love and relationship between husband and wife, and parents and son in a traditional Chinese family. Whereas the original version simply ends with the freeing of Chenxiang, this adapted version enriches it by unfolding the struggles of Liu and Wang thoroughly and touchingly.
Yau Sing-po Liu Yanchang
Chan Ho-kau Wang Guiying
Chan Ka-ming Earth God’s wife
Liu Kwok-sum Earth God
Song Hongbo Chenxiang
Hong Hai God Erlang
Lui Hung-kwong Thunder God
Hong Wah Goddess of Mount Hua

Cantonese Opera Sacrificing the Son
Production    Elmond’s Workshop
Director    Liu Xun
Playwright    Yeung Chi-sum, Elmond
Set Designer    Chan Chi-kuen, Ricky
Lighting Designer    Yeung Tsz-yan
Percussion Leader    Chan Siu-lung
Ensemble Leader    Pang Kam-shun

Cantonese Opera Sacrificing the Son
11-12/8   Thu - Fri   7:30pm
Concert Hall, Hong Kong City Hall

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香港大會堂音樂廳 舞台
14/8   Sun   2:30pm
Auditorium, Yuen Long Theatre
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元朗劇院演藝廳 舞台
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Cantonese Opera Sacrificing the Son
Cantonese Opera Sacrificing the Son